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Safety Rules!

The first thing that should always be addressed before starting use with any new tool is saftey. Do you know how to properly use your tool and do you have the proper safety gear? Safety gear for professionals is usually a given but everyone, even home crafters and DIYers, should be concerned with safety. Here we breakdown some safety basics.

Basics of power tools:

  • Never carry a tool by the cord or hose.
  • Never yank the cord or the hose to disconnect it from the receptacle. 
  • Keep cords and hoses away from heat, oil, and sharp edges. 
  • Disconnect tools when not using them, before servicing and cleaning them, and when changing accessories such as blades, bits, and cutters. 
  • Keep all people not involved with the work at a safe distance from the work area. Secure work with clamps or a vise, freeing both hands to operate the tool. 
  • Avoid accidental starting. Do not hold fingers on the switch button while carrying a plugged-in tool. 
  • Maintain tools with care; keep them sharp and clean for best performance. 
  • Follow instructions in the user's manual for lubricating and changing accessories. 
  • Be sure to keep good footing and maintain good balance when operating power tools. 
  • Wear proper apparel for the task. Loose clothing, ties, or jewelry can become caught in moving parts. Remove all damaged portable electric tools from use and tag them: "Do Not Use." 

Personal protective equipment: its important to make sure your body is protected as well and that includes gearing up properly.

  • safety glasses 
  • proper breathing/filtering equipment clothing - should you be wearing long sleeves and pants? keep in mind that some items should be formfitting or baggy depending on the situation 
  • hearing protection 
  • proper footwear gloves

Working environment: don't forget to make sure your work environment is safe.

  • ventilation/fans 
  • protective tarp

This was a great introduction to some of the basics but be sure to read all manuals and do your own research before starting any project. We sell most of the gear needed to operate tools safely so contact us with your needs.

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