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TrapEze Disposable Dusting Sheets Americo 582508

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The future of commercial surface cleaning, turning any dusting tool into an easy-to-use, high-quality dusting appliance. A single-ply, double-sided, disposable, adhesive-coated dusting cloth manufactured to conveniently fit current dusting sheet tools. A patent pending product is constructed of non-woven fibers which are externally coated on both sides with a propriety adhesive material that removes dust and dirt without leaving a sticky residue behind.


This product can be used on all hard surface flooring, baseboards, moldings, ceiling fans, bookshelves, cabinets, radiators, lamp shades and more.


Whether you’re currently using a floor dusting tool, a conventional dust mop, handheld duster or just cleaning by hand, Trapeze removes more debris than traditional tools alone.


Traps and holds dust, dirt, sand and hair for unsurpassed cleaning results.


Low drag promotes increased productivity. Plus, double-sided sheets go twice as far.

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