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SA40 20D with 140Ah AGM Batteries (56104486) SA40 Stand-On Scrubber - CalCleaningEquipment

SA40 20D with 140Ah AGM Batteries (56104486) SA40 Stand-On Scrubber

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Features: 12 WEEK LEAD TIME

Stand-On Scrubber - 20 inch (51 cm) disc
140 AH maint-free (AGM) batteries, two each (56380239)
Onboard battery charger, 115 VAC / 24 VDC
Pad holder, one each (56505790)
Approximate shipping weight: 718 lbs (325.5 kg)

A cost-effcient cleaning solution

Clarke has been helping cleaning professionals increase cleaning effectiveness and productivity for 100 years. Now we are pleased to introduce the SA40 stand on scrubber to further enhance your cleaning productivity. Designed to deliver reliable cleaning performance, the SA40 stand-on scrubber provides a fexible, extremely maneuverable and compact solution for small to medium-sized areas.

Maximum productivity

Clarke has set the standard for robust, productive, easy to use and reliable cleaning equipment. The Clarke SA40 is designed with a large 12 gallon solution tank and low fow rate, which can provide up to 75 minutes of scrub time without reflling, so you will spend more time cleaning. The SA40 is also engineered to provide increased down pressure at 75 pounds to enable you to enjoy maximum clean in a single pass.

Consistent, easy cleaning

The SA40 ensures consistent, reliable cleaning with solution fow rate control right at your fngertips. Select from low, medium or high fow rates to match the job at hand without stopping the machine. This not only minimizes cleaning solution waste but also reduces time spent on dump and reflls. For simple operation, all scrubbing parameters— brush pressure, solution fow and vacuum—are controlled with individual buttons, and are clearly displayed on the easy-to-read, LCD graphical display.

True Blue sustainability

With the SA40 you can enjoy a high level of cleaning performance without sacrifcing sustainability. The SA40 is designed to allow you to clean with minimal consumption of detergent and water so that real savings can be gained without compromising performance or the environment. All Clarke auto scrubbers feature important benefts such as low noise levels, enhanced user ergonomics, onboard chargers and superior pickup to ensure you are left with clean, dry and safe foors.

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