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Nilfisk Attix 19 AS/E XC HEPA (900138) - CalCleaningEquipment

Nilfisk Attix 19 AS/E XC HEPA ( 900138 )

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The newly crafted Nilfisk Attix 19 AS/PE XC (Xtreme Clean) boasts InifiClean automatic filter cleaning system so you can focus on the job at hand and allow infiniclean to take care of the vacuum. 

HEPA Filter.

The ATTIX 19 sports a comfortable handle and tube holder and offers power in the form of two-stage turbines, but at a silent level of 57 dB(A). Its steel frame and canister make it rugged and dependable. The tilting, removable container makes it extremely user-friendly.

Xtreme Clean Technology

This technology insures high, no-loss suction performance with a sealed airflow. Nilfisk XtremeClean system creates a powerful reversed air pulse every 15 seconds without having to shut off the vacuum, for a continuously clean filter.

The double-valve system keeps performance high even during this cleaning cycle.

While this industrial powerhouse is equipped with a 1.6 HP (1200W) two-stage turbine motor, it only needs a standard 120V outlet for operation. The Attix 19 AS/PE XC provides 120 CFM airflow, 105 inch water-lift and runs at a maximum of only 57 dB.  A soft start motor prevents unnecessary wear and tear and helps eliminate overheating. Other features include:

  • Sealed Locking Tank for secure debris and liquid containment
  • Locking Casters for safer operation
  • Long Cleaning Reach with 25-ft. Power Cord & 16-ft. Hose
  • Motor Speed and Suction Power Control for precise cleaning
  • Electric Tool Start of 400W

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