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Karcher Pressure Inlet Elbow 90011870/9.001-187.0 - CalCleaningEquipment

Karcher Pressure Inlet Elbow 90011870/9.001-187.0

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Genuine karcher pressure inlet elbow 9.001-187.0 / 90011870,spare part set suction side,which is fastened by the cover/cap at the control head please note: if your inlet elbow is fastened by a clip (u.formed) you may need 9.001-375.0 compatible with over 265 different karcher models€" the following models are the most popular great british models:kk 300k 4.97md plus-wbk 3.00b-tv k 300 tv k 4.99m deluxe k 3.70 b -tv k 300b k 4.99m pl-wb amk 3.80m plus k 300mk 4.99mh wb k 3.85m pl-wb k 300m pl-hornbach k 400w bk 3.90m k 300m plusk 411 a k 3.960 m plus k 300m plus tv k 411 a easterk 3.960m plus k 301 b tv k 411 a plusk 3.97m 4f-wb k 320 h k 440m gbk 3.97m deluxek 330m plus-wb k 455m plus-wbk 3.97m plus k 330m pl-wb k 460mk 3.97m pl-wb k 332 superk 480 mb k 3.97mb pl-wbk 360mk 4900m pl-rwb k 3.99m k 370m k b403 wb k 3.99m pl k 380 k b9030 m wb k 3.99m plus k 390kb 302 k 3.99m plus-wb k 395m pluskb 402 k 3.99md pl (hb)k 4.80m wb,dont see your model above or need an alternative part,please call our parts departmenton 0845 873 6008

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