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Karcher NT 30/1 TACT TE (1.148-216.0) Vacuum - CalCleaningEquipment

Karcher NT 30/1 TACT TE (1.148-216.0) Vacuum

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Stronger and sturdier than ever.

This powerful vacuum cleaner picks up coarse dirt and liquids as
well as large quantities of fine dust. Tact, the fully automatic cleaning
system, cleans the filter with strong air blasts. It is ideal for long
periods of uninterrupted use and constant high suction power.


Blasts of air clean the filter resulting in lower maintenance costs
and a longer filter life ultimately saving you money
On-board storage for all accessories, includes two hooks for the
suction hose and power cord
Bayonet and clip connections guarantee easy and secure
connection of all accessory parts onto machine
HEPA filter is standard

Technical Specifications:

Vacuum width, floor tool - 14 in

Vacuum hose length - 13 ft 

Power cord length - 25 ft

Waste container capacity - 30 gal

Waterlift - 102 in of water

Motor - 1,380 watts 

Operating noise level - 68 dBA

Air flow rate - 150 cfm


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