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Clarke Focus II Rider BOOST 28 (56114023) - CalCleaningEquipment

Clarke Focus II Rider BOOST 28 (56114023)

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The Clarke Focus® II Rider lets you easily satisfy the job at hand. Available with a 28 or 34 inch disc deck or a 28 inch BOOST® deck, the Focus II Rider can easily clean university entryways or remove floor finish in healthcare facility hallways. A large 31 gallon tank and low-solution flow rates result in 84 minutes of continuous scrubbing without a dump and refill, while increased down pressure (up to 225 pounds) allows for one pass cleaning. When your application requires diverse cleaning performance, select from three solution flow rates, fine tune solution ratios and adjust between five speed settings.

Standard Equipment Includes:
• 28 inch BOOST or 28 and 34 inch disc scrub paths
• 31 gallon solution and recovery tanks
• Large recovery tank opening with debris catch cage and integrated squeegee hanger
• Tight 63 inch turning radius on 28 inch machines
• High traction urethane tires
• One-touch scrubbing with three pressure settings

56114023 Features:

Rider Automatic Scrubber - 28 inch (71 cm) BOOST
420 Ah wet batteries, four each (56388582)
Shelf charger, 115 VAC / 24 VDC, 36 A
Pad holder
Approximate shipping weight: 1,025 lbs (465 kg)

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