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Clarke Dust Magnet Dry Mopping System (56649241) - CalCleaningEquipment

Clarke Dust Magnet Dry Mopping System (56649241)

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Dry Dust Mopping System - Electrostatic Based Dry Dust Mopping System

The Dust Magnet™ dry dust mopping system is the simple and modern way to clean a foor. It’s acceptance at major hospitals and institutions has been swift and successful. Schools, nursing homes, hospitals, health care and other facilities are seeing the advantage of the Dust Magnet dry mopping system. The standard Dust Magnet foor tool and shaft has single or multiple sheets that easily attach to the single frame. The telescopic handle extends to 79 inches (201 cm) making it ideal for all hard to reach and overhead areas. The entire set up weighs less than 2 lb (0.91 kg)!

How it Works

When you use a Dust Magnet sheet on any surface to be cleaned it builds up a slight static electric charge. Dust is attracted to the thick fiber pile much like a magnet. The more you use it, the better it works! Because the dirt clings to the Dust Magnet sheet, it does not come off when cleaning overhead, making this product very versatile. Dust Magnet sheets holds more dirt and cleans more surface area than any other disposable, dry dust mopping system.

The Modern Way to Dust Mop a Floor

• No Oil Or Chemical Based Treatments Needed – Other mopping systems need oil or chemical treatments to get the job done. This can result in a flim residue left on floors and surfaces. It can also be a potential slip hazard.

• Eliminates Cross Contamination – Because it is disposable, concerns about cross contamination in health care facilities are removed.

• No Laundry Expenses – The Dust Magnet dry mopping system uses environmentally friendly disposable dusting sheets. When finished dusting just throw the sheets in the trash.

• No Need for Multiple Systems – Traditional cleaning means a separate set of rags or dust cloths for specifc applications. A single Dust Magnet sheet can be used for high dusting, foors, walls and all fat surfaces.

• Unsightly Storage is Eliminated – Dust Magnet dry mopping system’s modern way to clean a foor eliminates odorous and unsightly storage areas common with re-usable mop systems

  • Dry dusting system uses disposable dusting sheets
  • Super lightweight aluminum system
  • Simple static electricity attracts dust and holds it
  • 23, 46 and 59 inch wide cleaning path options
  • Sheets come in convenient pre-cut boxes of 200, or a continuous roll of 100

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