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Americo 4034 Pink Eraser Burnish 20" Pad 1 Case/5 Pads - CalCleaningEquipment

Americo 403420 Pink Eraser Burnish 20" Pad 1 Case/5 Pads

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This is for 1 case of 5 pads. UHS burnishing pad with a special binder formulation that allows the pad to effectively remove black marks and restore gloss. Designed for medium to hard floor finishes. Equipment Type: Electric, Battery, Propane Machine Speed: Ultra High Speed, 3000 RPM and above Americo Remover Burnish Pad 4034 produces a high gloss on harder floor finishes while removing scuffs and black marks. The maintenance floor pad is constructed of synthetic fibers in an open-textured non-woven mat that resists loading and clogging. Conformable fibers provide impressive pad-to-floor contact. Fibers throughout the pad are uniformly coated with resin to deliver consistent, high-quality results throughout the life of the pad. The pad is designed for use with ultra-high speed equipment operating at 3000 rpm. Americo Burnish Pads are used to repair finish and improve gloss and image clarity of floor surface. Burnish pads can be used with cord-electric, battery-electric, or propane powered burnishers. The product is reversible and approximately 1 inch thick.

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