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Advance Spectrum 18D Upright Vacuum (9060507010)

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Spectrum 18D Features:

Dual-motor Upright Vacuum - 18 inch (46 cm) cleaning path
4:1 hose and wand with onboard crevice and upholstery tools and extra bag
Superior productivity and filtration

Spectrum Standard Features:

• 1,000 Watt, 2-stage motor, 92 inch waterlift, 91 CFM, 69 dB A
• Standard HEPA filtration
• CRI Seal of Approval
• Sealed, maintenance-free cog belt

More Productivity. Better Filtration. Better Value.

Advance’s 18 inch Spectrum dual-motor upright vacuums deliver the superior performance results expected from Advance vacuums: dirt pickup and filtration. Upright vacuums rely on a combination of dirt pickup to remove soil from carpets and filtration to ensure that dust and other airborne particles stay captured. With the addition of a brush motor, the Spectrum dual-motor vacuum has a total of 1,350 watts of power. Operators now have single pass power in an upright vacuum, which results in greater productivity. According to independent testing by ISSA, dual motor vacuums generate 16% greater productivity then single motor vacuum of the same width*. The unique design of the power head creates a seal with the carpet surface to agitate and capture dirt and dust that other dual motor vacuums miss.

Spectrum’s innovative design has earned the CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) Seal of Approval – signifying that Spectrum meets the industry’s newest dirt pickup and filtration standards for vacuum performance. These standards are more stringent than those used previously for Green Label certification. And, at a budget conscious price, it offers better performance and increased productivity at a fraction of the cost to clean.

True soil removal also requires proper filtration to ensure that dirt particles are not released back into the air. CRI standards require a vacuum to emit less than 100 micrograms of dust per cubic meter of airflow exhaust and consider ratings of less than 25 micrograms
to be exceptional. Spectrum dual motor vacuums emit just 6 micrograms per cubic meter of airflow exhaust, an astounding measure that says when Spectrum picks up dirt, it stays picked up! Spectrum’s filtration performance is due to the vacuum’s three-stage filtration system, which includes a certified H.E.P.A. filter – an important distinction that guarantees each filter has been tested for true H.E.P.A. performance by an independent third-party laboratory. This true soil removal results in superior indoor air quality that operators and building occupants are sure to appreciate. 

A full complement of tools and user-friendly design features make Spectrum easy to use and maintain. Operators will appreciate the versatile quick-draw detailing wand, simple brush and handle height adjustments and the convenient cord restraint and storage features. Vacuum maintenance is a breeze thanks to features such as a bag full/clog light, unique quick-change bag design, and a service-free belt system with a two-year warranty.

Spectrum dual motor vacuums actually outperform upright vacuums sold at up to twice the price. When compared on dirt pickup and filtration, Spectrum literally leaves its more expensive counterparts in the dust.

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