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Advance ES300 XP (56265500) - CalCleaningEquipment

Advance ES300 XP (56265500)

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ES300 XP Features:

Self Contained Extractor - CRI Deep Cleaning Seal of Approval
Patented LIFT Dual Cleaning Modes
Single Spray Jet technology
Integrated spotting tool
16 inch cleaning path
9 gallon solution tank
Detachable power cord

Standard Features:

CRI SOA Approved (All models, All modes)
• 1.5 hp, 3-stage vacuum motor, 120 inch waterlift
• 50 foot detachable (15 m) safety yellow power cord
• Brush and vacuum shoe removal without tools
• Laminar flow vacuum shoe for constant acceleration and superior water recovery
• Fully integrated hand tools


With the introduction of the ES300TM and ES400TM self contained extractors, Advance has entered a new era of carpet cleaning. Built on the industry leading AquaClean® platform, these multi-purpose machines are ideal for cleaning your high-traffic carpeted areas. FeaturingLIFTTM aswellasourDualCleaningModetechnologies,theES300TM XPand ES400TM XLP allow you to perform deep cleaning or interim cleaning with super-quick dry times. With the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval, you can be certain that these machines not only thoroughly remove dirt and water, but also meet the highest standards in the industry to help extend the life of your carpets.

A better design for greater productivity.

With multiple new features that decrease time-to-clean, the ES300TM XP and ES400TM XLP models were designed to improve staff productivity. For example, each cleaning mode (LIFTTM Mode,DeepCleanandPre-Treat)canbequicklyengageddirectlyfromthepanel. Plus, these machines are designed with increased tank capacity for extended operation as well as improved water pickup capability for faster drying.

Making tough jobs easier.

The ES300 and ES400 not only increase productivity, they’re also very easy to operate. One convenient feature is the front-mounted drain hose, which makes emptying the tank much simpler. Integrated hand tool (standard on XP and XLP models) prevents the loss and expense of replacement parts, and the brush head creates greater contact with the carpet and improved suction, leaving carpets dryer after cleaning. Finally,

the compact design makes storage and maintenance much more convenient. These innovative features, among others, are why Advance machines are some of the most cutting edge and user-friendly available, making cleaning easier.

LIFT your facility to a new level of clean.

The ES300 XP and ES400 XLP both feature the proprietary LIFT technology, allowing

for incredibly fast dry times. This patented Low-moisture — Interim-cleaning — Fast-dry time — True-cleaning system consists of a single spray nozzle that eliminates streaking and overlaps that lead to longer drying times. LIFT gives your carpets a thorough clean yet leaves them ready for traffic in as little as 30 minutes, making these machines ideal for high-traffic areas and daytime cleaning.

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