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Advance AquaPLUS AXP with maintenance-free (AGM) batteries (56317007) - CalCleaningEquipment

Advance AquaPLUS AXP with maintenance-free (AGM) batteries (56317007)

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AquaPLUS AXP Features:

Battery Sweeper Extractor - 24 inch (61 cm)
255 Ah maint free (AGM) batteries, four each (56112545)
Onboard charger 115 VAC / 24 VDC, 25 A
CRI Deep Cleaning Seal of Approval with AXP
AXP onboard Detergent System
Patented LIFT Dual Cleaning Modes
Pre Spray mode
Single Spray Jet technology

AquaPLUS Features:

• CRI SOA Approved
• 24 inch (61 cm) cleaning path, extracts up to 11,500 sq. ft. per hour
• 20 gallon (76 L) solution tank
• Dual, counter rotating brushes with debris collection hopper
• Brushes and vacuum shoes are removable without tools

Safety: With low sound level and quick dry time,

the AquaPLUSTM is safe for daytime cleaning.

Sustainability: Dual counter rotating brushes don’t wear down carpet fibers as extensively as a vacuum would, preserving the life of the carpet.

Air Quality: Carpets that dry within 30 minutes of extraction reduce the risk of mold and other airborne allergens.

Environmental Impact: The AXPTM Onboard Detergent-Dispensing System minimizes the use of both chemicals and water.

LIFT TM: Low-moisture technology utilizes a patented indirect spray feature that provides superior cleaning while increasing per tank productivity and reducing water consumption. Operators will experience faster dry times and true cleaning with LIFT technology.

AquaPLUSTM uses LIFT TM Technology for Cleaner, “Greener” Carpet Extraction

The AquaPLUSTM AXPTM battery-powered walk-behind carpet extractors feature Advance’s patented LIFT TM low-moisture technology for a clean that is CRI-certified. AquaPLUS extractors meet CRI seal of approval standards for soil removal and dry times in both LIFT and deep cleaning restoration mode, giving you the confidence that your carpets will be truly clean and ready to use fast.

AquaPLUS extractors with LIFT (Low-moisture, Indirect spray, Fast dry time, True cleaning) feature a patented spray system for faster dry times. The single-spray nozzle design eliminates streaking and the possibility of water overlap that can lead to delayed drying. The fast dry time of the AquaPLUS extractors make them ideal solutions for daytime cleaning. No other extractors will give you that certified deep clean and get people back on your carpets in less than 30 minutes.

Extractors that receive the CRI Seal of Approval for deep cleaning extractors, have met the highest standards in the industry for their ability to remove soil and water and to preserve carpet appearance. The CRI-certified AquaPLUS extractors will help protect your carpet investment as well as meet green-cleaning standards outlined in the new GS-42 guidelines. The patented AXP system provides the flexibility to clean with any detergent, including those that are green certified. At just 69 dB A, AquaPLUS meets LEED-EB’s IEQ credit guidelines for quiet operation. With LIFT technology and CRI-certification, the AquaPLUS extractors are the “greenest” carpet extractors in the industry.

The unique Deep TreatTM single-pass, pre-spray feature on the AquaPLUS AXP, eliminates clumsy hand-held spray bottles and allows the proper application of pre-spray chemical, minimizing chemical use and costs. Fast dry times, battery- operation, and a pre-spray feature contribute to increased productivity in your facility.

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