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Advance Adphibian Extractor-Scrubber with Maintenance-Free (AGM) Batteries (56317011) - CalCleaningEquipment

Advance Adphibian Extractor-Scrubber with Maintenance-Free (AGM) Batteries (56317011)

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Multi-Surface Extractor–Scrubber

Advance’s AdphibianTM soft and hard-floor machine is the answer for the multiple cleaning demands you face today. Demands like getting maximum efficiency and flexibility from your operators and your equipment. The Adphibian enables cleaning staff to use one machine to extract carpets and scrub hard floors.

With the touch of a button and a simple hose change, operators are able to switch between using a full-functioning carpet extractor and a full-functioning cylindrical scrubber in just 30 seconds. Even the special antimicrobial brushes are designed to work on all surface types.

Battery Multi-Surface cleaner - Full function scrubber and extractor on a
single platform. Includes four 6v/255 Ah AGM batteries, and 20 amp
onboard charger

Full function extractor and scrubber with AXP
• Single deck, less than 30 seconds to change cleaning modes
• CRI SOA Approved Deep Cleaning Extractor and multi surface chemical
• Dual, anti-microbial counter rotating brushes with debris collection hopper
• Brushes, squeegee and vacuum shoes are removable without tools

The Innovative Combination Extractor-Scrubber

The Adphibian™ multi-surface combination extractor and scrubber is a versatile solution for your cleaning application. With the touch of a button and a simple hose change, you can switch from carpet extractor to cylindrical scrubber in just 30 seconds.

Benefits of Adphibian Multi-Surface Extractor-Scrubbers

The Adphibian delivers the efficiency and flexibility you need for the varied cleaning demands you face, day after day. Featuring innovative carpet extraction technology, high-performance scrubbing and special antimicrobial brushes that work on all surface types. This is the first machine of its kind to be awarded the CRI Seal of Approval for both low-moisture and deep-cleaning extraction.

  • Control solution flow and choose the perfect solution for your floor with our patented AXP™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing System
  • Provide superior cleaning, increase productivity per tank and reduce water consumption with our patented LIFT™ Low Moisture Technology
  • Clean heavily soiled areas with our Deep Treat™ prespray mode, which applies and agitates detergent on the carpet surface, or extract with clean water in Deep Cleaning Extraction mode
  • Improve air quality and reduce the risk of mold and allergens thanks to the fast 30 minute carpet dry time
  • Leave hard floors clean, dry and safe in scrubbing mode with dual-rotating brushes and unique squeegee for 100% water pickup

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