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Clarke EX20-100SC-15-SW (56105417) - CalCleaningEquipment

Clarke EX20-100SC-15-SW (56105417)

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EX20-100SC-15-SW Features:

Single Cord Extractor - 100 psi with 1100 watt heater. Includes 15 ft
solution/vacuum hose and SS single bend, twin jet wand. Approximate
shipping weight: 87 lbs (39.5 kg)
• 13 gallon (49 L) solution tank
• Single 3-stage vac motor, 137 inch waterlift 

Engineered to make carpet cleaning easier

Now there’s a carpet extractor built for the way you clean carpets not the other way around. Clarke® EX20™ Portable Extractors are the result of a major engineering and design initiative at Clarke that began with direct field input from cleaning technicians who used high performance portable extraction machines every day.

Convenient. Rugged. Affordable.

The result is a line of machines designed to alleviate the most common annoyances of professional cleaning technicians—going far beyond the pumps and vacuum motors of traditional extractors.

Unique, productivity-enhancing features of Clarke® EX20™ Portable Extractors cover even the smallest details to help make cleaning carpets easier, faster, safer and more convenient.

  • Unique, engineered handles at key points on the machine—as well as front-panel roller wheels and a molded wand caddy—make maneuverability, loading and unloading easier, faster and simpler
  • Standard, 12-inch stainless steel scrub wand with AquaWand™ option and 15-foot vacuum and recovery hoses (25-foot option) expand productivity
  • Low-moisture/environmental footprint reduction system uses less water and higher heat to cut drying time, reduce wicking of soil from pad and reduce chemical usage
  • 3-stage, closed, sealed vacuum motor system maximizes water recovery, reduces wear on motor and extends vacuum motor life
  • In-line, after-the-pump heater features lifetime warranty

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